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About Us

A3N DIGITAL Ltd is an emerging player of Content and IVR Expert Base service, with expertise in VAS. 

We deliver innovative applications for Entertainment, E-commerce, and Enterprises. Currently offering a range of leading-edge voice and data transmission technologies for telecom operators and service providers. 

A3N Digital Ltd is a leading provider of software and services that enable organizations with the ability to harness network, device and channel capabilities to improve service delivery and customer engagement.

As a company, and as individuals, We foster innovation across our organization, while valuing integrity, morality, honesty, personal excellence, and respect.

We are fully committed to the creation and development of advanced communication solutions, by simplifying the delivery of complex networks with our innovative products and services.

Our VAS solutions seamlessly integrate enterprise IT and wireless environment, which enable all the players in the value chain to deploy value-added services quickly and cost-effectively. It’s headquartered in Zambia.